Can the Nintendo Labo Kit: VR be just the beginning?

Nintendo is an innovative company, especially when it comes to video game technology and quite often is ahead of everyone else in many ways. However, this is not quite the case when it comes to virtual reality (VR). So, the company recently released a fairly simple set of Nintendo Labo: VR for the Switch console a few months ago. Today, during Q & A with shareholders at the 79th annual meeting of Nintendo, veteran designer Shigeru Miyamoto turned to the sore subject that the company was “overboard” when it came to VR.

Up until the release of the Labo VR kit, the game giant remained fairly modest when it came to discussing VR, always saying that it was “interested” or “eyeing” technology. It was widely assumed that Nintendo was somewhat restrained when it comes to VR, due to the failure of Virtual Boy back in the 90s.

When asked about VR, Miyamoto gave a fairly frank answer, according to the local edition of SoraNews24:

“Although we entered virtual reality and online games later, the point is not that we are“ behind ”. We really carried out practical research on these technologies from the very beginning. During this time, we carefully checked whether users could easily use the technology and whether we could provide such services at an affordable price. ”

“The Nintendo Labo Toy-Con04: VR Kit recently went on sale, and I think this product is a great and easy way for users to interact with virtual reality. Because the Nintendo user base is made up of a wide range of ages, including very young ones, we are working on developing and releasing products that we think everyone will like, ”he added.

So it seems that Nintendo has not finished with VR yet. No data on the sales of Nintendo Labo: VR Kit has been released yet and how well (or poorly) it works compared to other Labo products.

Answering the question about 5G, Shiota, the senior executive director of Nintendo, responded as if he were talking about Nintendo’s attitude to any technology:

“However, it should be said that Nintendo is not accustomed to follow the trends just because they are popular. We prefer to consider what kind of experience this technology can give our players, how to use it in our games and the results of its implementation. ”

Hopefully, one day Nintendo will decide to release a much more mature VR device.

Until this happens, continue to read VRcue and find out about the latest VR industry innovations.

Nintendo has not “finished” with VR

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