It is expected that the Oculus Quest stand-alone headset will soon appear before our eyes, and in preparation for this event, the company decided to provoke fans of new virtual reality glasses, showing some new applications and games that will be available at the time of release of the device.

Having confirmed that Robo Recall, Moss, Beat Saber, The Climb and Dead & Buried II will be available on launch day, the recently announced Journey of the Gods and Shadow Point have also been confirmed. Later they added Superhot VR, Vacation Simulator, Creed: Rise to Glory, Space Pirate Trainer and Dance Central.

Applications like Creed: Rise to Glory and Space Pirate Trainer have already been released, so many VR players probably tried some of the older releases. At the same time, the Vacation Simulator from Owlchemy Lab is a completely new game, and the studio just now showed release dates for the versions of PlayStation VR and PC VR. On the other hand, Coatsink’s Shadow Point is created specifically for Oculus Quest, offering a mysterious adventure to the starry sky.

And for those who have a really keen eye, it’s no secret that the company is preparing to release Oculus Quest virtual reality glasses such games as: The Tower, Job Simulator, Fruit Ninja, Rush VR, Ultrawings, Drop Dead, Bait !, Virtual Virtual Reality, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, Eleven Table Tennis, and Angry Birds VR. All this makes the line quite extensive.
Oculus previously reported that Quest will include 50+ games at the time of release, so, of course, we still have to wait for the announcement of several projects.

Recall that the headset will retail from $ 399. Many expect the announcement to be made during the Facebook (F8) developer conference in April.

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