The port was created by Drifter Entertainment.

When the Oculus Touch arrived at the end of 2016, there were several decent games that controllers demonstrate in all their glory. Only when Epic Games released the free experience of Robo Recall in early 2017, did the controllers really show their full strength, and the game became one of the outstanding VR video games. When Oculus announced autonomous virtual reality glasses Quest during Oculus Connect 5 (OC5), one of the first games confirmed on release day was this first-person shooter (FPS). Now, however, the first screenshots were presented showing incredible work on the transfer of the game.

The port is not the work of Epic Games, instead it is completely created by Drifter Entertainment – known for its studio shooter Gunheart. Such a port is far from simple, given the quality of Robo Recall. A recent interview with Drifter CEO and co-founder Ray Davis on the Oculus blog reveals the importance of porting the original gameplay to Oculus Quest.

“This will push the platform very hard. Our main principle is not to change the gameplay, we want full parity in Rift and Quest, ”notes Davis.

“When I say [техническому директору Epic Games] Nick Whiting, that we take on the project, he said: You are damn crazy. ”

Looking at the screenshots, the team seems to have created a mobile version worthy of the original. The studio moved everything: from the details on the weapon and enemy robots to the huge urban landscapes that Robo Recall is known for. But it was easy, with a team of game industry veterans.

“Before everyone had some skepticism. But as soon as we got a playable version of Robo Recall on Quest, more and more people said: Wow, that’s how the game should look like, ”admits Davis.

Oculus Quest has not yet received a specific release date. The line of games has been growing lately, so customers will have a lot of choice on the day of the release of virtual reality glasses.

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New screenshots of Robo Recall for Oculus Rift

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