New features for PSVR 2 controllers?

While Oculus should soon unveil its new virtual reality headset (the Rift S), a VR device is still waiting: the Sony PSVR 2. However, based on a patent filed recently, we can assume an upcoming output of this device. Indeed, this rumor would unveil the new controllers of PlayStation VR 2, with features to better use your hands!

A PSVR with new controllers in approach?

Last year, Sony released a patent unveiling at the same time the preparation of the new VR helmet PSVR. This patent emphasized the abandonment of the “ball” of PS Move and the appearance of an analog joystick, to have controller easier to use. Today, another patent allowing us to know more about this joysticks has just been revealed, with interesting features …

Specifically, the new PSVR controllers would have a basic haptic feedback. Thus, as soon as the user presses the joystick buttons, namely the trigger located at the rear, the controller will react by opposing a resistance to the user, all, according to what happens in the world virtual. This find will reinforce the immersion sensation in VR and enhance gaming experiences, such as during a pistol shooting experience.

That’s not all. In addition to haptic feedback, the new controllers would be able to adapt to the user’s hands. Thus, they might be able to know if he is holding the joystick with his right or left hand to better fit the buttons. In addition, this feature could include tracking the user’s fingers, as on the Oculus Touch. In the future, this feature could detect the user’s fingers to display hands in a virtual reality experience.

Expected output with the PS 5?

Given this information, it can be assumed that this VR headset will be released with the new PlayStation console. Indeed, rumors about the future release of the PlayStation 5 have intensified in recent months, which is good news for the release of the future PSVR. Nevertheless, we hope an output of this device separately from the console, especially if the output of the PS 5 was to be pushed back …

For the moment, these VR accessories are still in the patent stage. Nevertheless, according to expert estimates, we can count on a release of PSVR 2 for 2020 (at the same time as the PlayStation 5)!

And you, what do you think of these new features on PSVR controllers?

New features for PSVR 2 controllers?

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