Although the Oculus Quest stand-alone VR headset is primarily a gaming device, many people would not refuse to use it for streaming multimedia. After all, this is one of the most popular ways to operate the Oculus Go. Now we finally got confirmation that Netflix is ​​working with Quest, and is preparing the application to launch on the same day with Oculus Video, Sling TV, FOX Now, Red Bull and various other video streaming portals.

Obviously, you still need an active Netflix subscription to use the application, but it’s great to know that people can watch their favorite shows and movies from the virtual theater inside their headset. As far as known, multiplayer support is not expected, so you cannot invite friends to VR to watch shows with them, but various applications like Bigscreen will help to get around this limitation.

On Oculus Go, you can watch videos from Facebook and several other sources in Oculus rooms with friends, but unfortunately, this and other social apps are not announced to run on Quest.

Oculus announced that YouTube VR will also officially be released on Quest, offering a special way to view VR and 360 content without having to open a browser. A dedicated Netflix application on Quest should offer similar functionality, support for downloading content for later viewing is not expected. To do this, you will need to download the Android version of Netflix.

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Netflix will be available on Oculus Quest at the time of release

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