Myndvr Studios creates content for specific age conditions.

Virtual reality is suitable for all age groups, from young to old, but older citizens need to make efforts to learn about the new technology and access the right content. This is where MyndVR comes into play, offering a solution for communities of older people. The company has just announced the launch of MyndVR 2.0, which was helped by a partnership with HTC Vive X.

MyndVR is looking for ways to share the VR experience with the older generation, revolving around the semantic content. The company’s content library covers travel, music, art, nature, and memory restoration therapy through strategic partnerships with Littlstar. Then, Myndvr Studios creates internal content for specific age conditions.

“Our goal is to raise the quality of life and the spirit of older people across the country,” said Chris Brickler, co-founder and CEO of MyndVR, in a statement.

“We have the opportunity to bring to the life of these people a super-attractive technology – more attractive than television, more attractive than newspapers. It is a real immersive technology that provides joy and leads people out of confined space. ”

MyndVR was selected to participate in the fourth installment of the HTC Vive X in 2018. Thanks to this, MyndVR places the branded HTC Vive Focus headsets to provide an easy-to-use, all-in-one exciting experience for the elderly, and the people responsible for their care monitor the process with a tablet.

MyndVR 2.0 is currently hosted in more than 20 states in the United States with a platform available to care partners around the world. As MyndVR continues to expand and improve its platform for older people, VRcue will keep you updated on the latest developments.

MyndVR 2.0 and HTC Vive Focus will show VR to senior citizens

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