All thanks to the collaboration between Synthesis VR and MixCast.

Many years ago, theme parks around the world realized that a great way to earn more money on attractions is to install a camera and photograph guests at the most exciting point, creating funny and catchy images that they could never have achieved in real life. This kind of virtual reality (VR) service arcade will soon be able to deliver, thanks to a partnership between Synthesis VR and Blueprint Reality Inc., the creator of MixCast.

Instead of an image of a roller coaster highlighting a screaming visitor or crying baby, with Blueprint Reality Inc. technology MixCast, VR arcade players using the Synthesis VR control system will receive photos and mixed reality (MR) videos of their gaming sessions.

Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, Mixcast VR Photobooth players can capture their real life inside their favorite VR games, and then share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This helps ensure further profitability of arcades, only using virtual reality.

“With MixCast, we can offer Synthesis VR operators the opportunity to deliver mixed-reality images and video to their customers as a great improvement in experience, which we are very pleased about,” said Shaber Sinnalebbe, CEO of Synthesis VR.

“With so many cool features, and now with the addition of MixCast, we believe that this will help our partners get more revenue, increase the value of experience and better promote their locations.”

“We are very pleased to work with a promising company such as Synthesis VR, because they offer a multi-functional platform that is good for both VR arcade operators and their customers,” said Tarney Williams, CEO of Blueprint Reality.

“We believe that adding photos and videos to mixed reality will help convey the experience and excitement around VR based on location.”

Recall that the MixCast Moments video capture solution for VR arcades was released earlier this year, offering location-based entertainment providers (LBE) a new tool to attract customers. If we talk about home users of virtual reality, then you can always go on Steam to download MixCast 2.0 for free.

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Mixed reality will revive old arcades

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