Micro jet skin will help you experience virtual reality

For the first time, micro-jet leather was presented at the SolidWorks World conference, which was held in Dallas.

The novelty, apparently, this device provides feedback tactile communication in the space of virtual reality, freeing the hands of joysticks and providing tactile feedback.

This time the device is incredibly complex. It is not just a VR mitten, but a glove made from micro-jet skin. The name of this technology is rather strange, but its meaning is that some parts of the structure can inflate, thereby providing pressure on the skin of the hand, providing a feeling of touching the virtual object. Moreover, each glove has more than a hundred such points.

The founder and chief engineer of Haptx, Bob Crockett, says:

“This problem could not be solved five years ago. We are talking about the cost of each component of the system, as well as its complexity in general. We were at the right time, just when the market needed to develop this technology. ”

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Micro jet skin will help you experience virtual reality

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