As part of the federal project CYBER RUSSIA, on April 24, 2019, a closed event will be held at the Kaliber Technopark for leaders and experts in the field of media content production, marketing and advertising discussing real-life cases and sharing best practices using VR / AR elements .

Technological Meet Up “VR / AR in Marketing” is organized by ANO “CYBER COUNTRY”. For more than three years, the organization has been developing the most modern software in the field of virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Today, the company team employs experienced software and computer game developers, 3D-Artist, 3D animators, robotics and circuitry, designers and specialists in the artistic field.

Experts predict that the sales and advertising market will experience a transformation in the next few years, and with the advent of affordable full-fledged virtual and augmented reality glasses, the market will have a huge need for quality content for these devices.

Recently, orders received by software development departments are increasingly associated with advertising and creating projects for selling or displaying various goods and services in the FMCG and HoReCa segments, as well as projects for the construction market and architectural sites, exhibitions and conferences. Therefore, the project team will demonstrate the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality to agencies and companies that intend to develop their competencies and do not yet have their own VR / AR development department or are just planning to open it.

The program of the event will cover the following relevant topics:

· VR / AR in the marketing of goods and services. Trends of the near future.

· Creating a multimedia brand concept:

  1. VR / AR multimedia brand book;
  2. work with advertising surfaces;
  3. show cases in VR / AR (for exhibitions, conferences, presentations of goods and services, architectural objects);
  4. the use of mixed reality technologies for corporations and development.

· A working sales system for developing software products of virtual and augmented reality to customers, obtaining the correct technical specifications and much more. Mandatory registration on the official website of the event. The number of seats in the hall is limited!

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Meet Up “VR / AR in Marketing”: how virtual reality will change the paradigm of sales and advertising …

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