Massless will deliver its massless pen later this year. From now on you can pre-order the VR Stylus and finally the price is known.

Massless pen

With the Massless Pen, artists should be able to work even more precisely and easily in Virtual Reality. With a price of 500 US dollars, the product is aimed primarily at professional users. And this price is still an offer to start and includes one year of free use of the Massless Studio software. In the future, the company wants to offer the stylus for $ 1,000 and cash in at $ 20 a month to use the software.

According to the manufacturer, the VR Pen with the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive (and probably also with other SteamVR glasses) can be used and already support Gravity Sketch, Medium, Quill, Tilt Brush, Maya & Blender (with plugin) and soon Vector Suite , However, the best integration will be the Massless Studio software. This should also support joint work on projects.

Massless pen

In addition, the stylus can not only be used for acting in an empty room. If the pen touches a surface, it will be detected and you can then work on that surface. The battery life should be at 12 hours and buttons for navigation and vibrators for feedback are available. For the tracking of the pen, an additional camera must be set up, which has a viewing area of ​​90 ° x 70 °.

More information about the VR Stylus can be found on the page of Massless.

Massless Pen – VR Stylus pre-orderable now

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