Streamer and gamer Jack Wilmot decided to put on himself quite a dangerous experiment. A resident of the United States had 168 hours (a week) in virtual reality glasses without any interruption. Wilmot told about the experience in social networks.

It is noteworthy that the subject never took off his virtual reality glasses. He also slept and even bathed in them. As a motivation and explanation for this experiment, Wilmot used the fact that, very soon, mankind will completely switch to virtual reality glasses, which will replace smartphones and tablets. That is why the young man thought that the technology must get used to in advance.

As it turned out, to remain in virtual reality 24 hours 7 days a week is not so rosy. Already a day later, the constant wearing of a VR helmet had an effect on the experimenter, by the middle of the experience they began to pursue deja vus and hallucinations, and on day 5 Wilmot had to make a special list of applications and games so as not to lose his mind.

The subject spent the last hours behind the wheel of a virtual bus that was rolling endlessly somewhere in gray distance. A journey into virtual reality, a week long, turned out to be too exhausting for Wilmot. The last minutes, according to the experimenter, turned out to be the hardest.

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Lost: Streamer lived in VR week

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