Today, Logitech has announced the release of the VR-stylus, which can be used to draw and write on 2D and 3D surfaces in the volumetric space of virtual reality.

As you can see in the image above, you can use it wearing a virtual reality helmet on your head to draw 3D objects, but you can also easily work on 2D surfaces. This sounds strange from the point of view of the consumer, but, of course, there are many industrial and corporate uses of such a device.

Details are still a bit blurry. At the time of this writing, we didn’t have access to the video showing how the VR stylus works, but hopefully Logitech will release it soon so that potential customers can see it in action.

“The right VR solution has the power to change the design world,” said Jeff Meisner, chief executive officer of the award-winning studio Sector 5 Digital, in a prepared statement.

“We use the immersive properties of virtual reality in the HTC VIVE VR system to conceptualize, design, review and revise new urban mobility vehicles with clients such as Bell. We have already reduced the production cycle of a full-scale mockup of an aircraft from several years to less than six months. At the moment when we started designing with Logitech VR Ink inside the Vector Suite application, we realized that this tool not only accelerates the work of our designers in VR, but also revolutionizes the design method. ”

Details about pre-orders will be available soon, and the availability of the first generation is scheduled for the end of this year.

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Logitech “VR Ink” – Stylus for VR

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