Version 1.0 will bring quite a few changes, including new features.

Now that virtual reality (VR) has been revived as a consumer product, one of the difficulties developers faced is to transfer the immersive qualities of technology to new users. One of the ways that has proven particularly successful and is visible today everywhere is the mixed reality (MR) video, which shows the player in the virtual world. To contribute to the simplification of the production process, LIV appeared, having entered early access in 2018. This week Liv Inc. announced plans to exit early access, with v1.0.0 update, which will bring with it several new features.

With the update v1.0.0, big changes will come and users will be able to see one of them very soon: LIV Avatars. LIV Avatars require only a VR headset to use, no webcams or capture cards. The power consumption of the processor and GPU is also less than conventional cameras, the perspective of avatars can change on the fly, offering 4 types of points of view on the choice: selfies, third-person, first-person and gamepad.

Easily switchable using a single controller, the system will also support full avatars of the whole body using SteamVR trackers.

“Avatars settings are saved — this means that you can set many different viewpoints, avatars, and behavioral parameters as different profiles. Now switching between them happens instantly using the drop-down list of profiles ”.

Another major addition is Kinect v2 support on Xbox One. This means that the sensor works as fast as any ordinary camera, calibration is easier with faster background changes and more intelligent post-processing, smoothing sharp corners.

“With improved performance, we hope that you can use the Kinect Xbox One sensor – this is the best camera with the perception of the depth of the scene available now, and the one that we feel can provide the best image today, adds LIV Inc. “So, like any other camera in the LIV, all the tasty profile improvements are applied here. You can customize additional effects (for example, our LUT effect or mask effect) on your Kinect and easily switch between them during use without any unnecessary movements! ”.

LIV Inc. I didn’t tell when the v1.0.0 update will be released, but expect it to happen soon.

As further announcements are made, VRcue will keep you posted.

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