Light Field Lab and OTOY teamed up to create holographic images

Light Field Lab and OTOY are companies working in the field of 3D graphics. On October 22, 2018, these firms announced the start of cooperation, the ultimate goal of which is the creation of equipment similar to the holodeck of the Star Trek franchise. Light Field Lab produces devices for 3D visualization without the use of glasses or other similar devices. OTOY is engaged in project software.

Light Field Lab equipment and OTOY software

Light Field Lab creates screens for 3D images the size of hundreds of gigapixels. The company’s equipment does not require a headset to get the picture of the required quality. This approach allows the user to get the effect of complete immersion.

OTOY – the developers of the open source technology ORBX, designed to handle three-dimensional graphics and display virtual reality. In addition, the project will use the RNDR computer network of graphics processors based on blockchain technology created by the company.

The tandem has just started cooperation, and its participants have almost nothing but an impressive portfolio. However, the first results of the joint work have already been demonstrated to Roddenberry Entertainment. It was founded by Gene Roddenberry, the creator of the Star Trek franchise. The embodiment of one of the concepts of the series of the same name – holodecks – is the ultimate goal of cooperation between the two development teams.

In the holodeck series – a closed room in which you can simulate any environment and situation. Objects in the simulation are tangible, and viewers can interact with them. So far the duet of Light Field Lab and OTOY does not look, but the developers consider it possible to realize the visual component of the prototype.

The final product of cooperation should be a fully ready to use set of equipment and software, mounted in a specially equipped room. The product should provide the consumer with the possibility of full audiovisual immersion in the simulated environment.

For decades, the authors of science fiction have described and shown in their works the action of various holographic devices, while engineers and scientists are striving to embody their predictions. In June 2018, the development team presented a system that, from a football match recording on YouTube, generates its three-dimensional model in augmented reality.

Light Field Lab and OTOY teamed up to create holographic images

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