This will be the second time a version for the PlayStation VR will be shown.

The annual Tokyo Game Show (TGS) will be back next week with Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia (SIEJA), which is sure to make a massive presentation of projects for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Japanese developer Amata K. K. will attend the event, showcasing their new VR project, Last Labyrinth.

This will be the second time the PlayStation VR version is shown – the first time it happened during the PlayStation Matsuri TOKYO 2019 in July – and possibly the last time it will be shown before launch. It was created as a special demo version of the game with the final launch expected by the end of the year. Just like the PlayStation Matsuri, visitors to TGS 2019 will first have to reserve a place to test this game, after registering on the official website, available only to PlayStation Plus members.

Last Labyrinth will be a kind of full circle. Originally shown during the Tokyo Games Show (TGS) 2016, it will now be on display at the 2019 event. Following the completion of the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, Amata K. K. planned to launch in the spring of 2019. It was then delayed until the summer before receiving the planned release date for fall 2019. This release is not intended purely for the PlayStation VR. The studio releases a version also available for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality virtual reality helmets.

A single-player experience, Last Labyrinth takes you to a creepy mansion where something strange happens. You are confined to a wheelchair, unable to escape, the only movement available to you in the game is the rotation of your head or arm. In a trap with you is a girl named Katya, who speaks only an illegible language. You can guide it to solve puzzles by pressing the button in your hand, which then activates the laser pointer on your head. Any real communication between you and Katya is achieved exclusively through nodding and shaking your head.

Also for TGS 2019, SIEJA announced a model range of games that it will demonstrate: Concrete Genie, Deemo Reborn (Unties), Marvel’s Iron Man VR, Hatsune Miku VR (Degica Games), Sairento VR, Stumper (Thirteenth Floor Corporation) and Throw Anything ( Visual Light).

Recall that the Tokyo Game Show 2019 runs from September 12 to 15, with the first two days devoted to business participants, and the last two days open to the public. VRcue will continue to keep you up to date with the latest news on Last Labyrinth, and when Amata K. K. announces the release date, we will let you know.

Last Labyrinth will be showcased on PlayStation VR during Tokyo Game Show

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