KAT VR has already managed to raise a target of $ 50,000 Kickstarter.

When it comes to moving in virtual reality (VR), most players are accustomed to either teleporting or smoothly moving through a few room-scale tricks. But there are other ways you can explore depending on how exciting you want the experience to be using equipment such as 3dRudder or Cybershoes. KAT VR is another manufacturer that originally created an omnidirectional treadmill. This week, the company announced a new venture locomotion, more similar to Vive trackers called KAT Loco.

Kat Loco is based on a locomotion foot system made up of 3 pucks. Two are attached around the user’s ankles, and the third is attached to their waist. This allows you to walk or run in place to start moving in VR. Since movement can be one of the biggest barriers to a comfortable VR gameplay, players physically move naturally without needing tracking around the room or bulky technologies that have proven popular.

As you would expect, KAT Loco allows you to move forward, just jogging. But in order to really work in VR, the solution has to offer more. So players will be able to move back, and strafe – indispensable for first-person shooter (FPS). KAT VR even turned on “cruise control”, allowing players to move in one direction at a certain speed without having to move their legs, which is ideal for large open worlds, such as Fallout 4 VR.

KAT VR launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign a couple of days ago and managed to reach its target of $ 50,000 in the first 24 hours.

Kat Loco was designed to work with as many VR headsets as possible, including the Oculus Rift and Quest, the HTC Vive, the PlayStation VR, and any other SteamVR compatible ones. While the kit includes 3 sensors, the company plans to introduce support for 16 modules for more complex body tracking.

Deliveries are scheduled for August 2019. As more information becomes available VRcue will tell you about it.

Kat Loco solves your movement problems in VR

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