The new direction will be launched at the end of this year.

The industries of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are constantly growing and developing, requiring fresh and new talents, as well as experienced minds. To stimulate this trend, universities began offering various courses for students interested in studying various aspects of this multifaceted industry.

In September of this year, John Moors University in Liverpool will launch a new master’s program in immersive art to study XR technology and storytelling.

Managed by Liverpool Screen School and Liverpool School of Art and Design in specialized laboratory rooms, with access to advanced equipment, software and practical research experience, advanced training will allow students to experiment with building applications, prototypes and VR, AR, mixed reality (MR) ), projection imaging and holography.

Housed in a completely new art and design building by John Lennon, the course is being developed through consultation with industry, including a number of national companies and organizations. The course management team recently conducted the Immersive Storytelling research symposium, bringing together industry professionals and academics from across the UK.

“This is really an exciting time to work at the intersection of creativity, storytelling, digital art and new technologies. We wanted to develop a course that would focus not only on virtual reality headsets, but also on this, and we will include in the program a wide range of practical immersion technology skills. It includes spatial design, projection mapping based on sensors, augmented reality, binaural sound, physical-digital art practice and new methods and technologies for capturing, modeling and display, ”says Peter Woodbridge, program manager.

“Students in this course will explore and invent new ways to attract audiences to spatial stories and art, studying what happens when our definitions of media art go beyond the limits of the screen,” adds Woodbridge.

“It’s about creating new opportunities, ideas, experiences, attitudes and applications to attract audiences in a number of areas.”

The master’s degree in immersive art is aimed at creators in various fields, from film and video games to theater and music production. The course will last one year (or two for part-time studies) and have a cost starting from £ 6,900 GBP. For more information, go to the course website.

As more universities launch their XR courses, VRcue will let you know.

John Moors University in Liverpool will provide a master’s degree in immersion in the lawsuit …

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