Oculus Quest should go on sale within a few months, but John Carmack still hopes that we will see another important function in the device.

Carmack was again asked about the possibility of linking the latest autonomous headset Quest from Facebook to PC on Twitter this weekend. He simply answered:

“Sorry, no promises, but I hope!”

Given that Carmack is the chief technology officer of Oculus and is working on fine tuning Quest, this gives us hope. Quest is an all-in-one device that has everything you need to play games like Superhot. It has built-in tracking 6DOF, which allows you to move as if you are in the original Rift. Theoretically, if you can connect Quest to a PC, you can also play PC VR content.

Back in October 2018, Carmack said that Oculus was discussing PC VR mode for Quest. At that time, he noted that the company was studying “streaming content on virtual reality glasses with WiFi”.

However, there is one thing that stands in the way of this possibility: the recently announced PC VR headset from Oculus Rift S. Facebook already integrates some of the features of Quest, such as external tracking. Adding PC VR support to Quest puts the need for a Rift S into question.

Perhaps this is an option for the future. The idea of ​​connecting Quest to a PC to play a high-quality game such as Lone Echo, and then disconnecting and taking it to a friend’s home to play Beat Saber, is intriguing enough in itself.

VRcue reminds that Oculus Quest will be released this spring for $ 399.

John Carmack about connecting Quest to a PC: “no promises, but I hope”

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