Can we ever see exclusive Oculus games such as Lone Echo, Stormland and Asgard’s Wrath on PSVR?

Jason Rubin from Oculus would really like that. Speaking to Kotaku at E3 last month, Oculus vice president for special gaming initiatives said he “wanted” to make a deal with Sony.

“We were thinking about this,” he replied when asked if the Oculus games could go to PSVR.

“I would like to make a deal with Sony. You know, they have excellent material that they financed, and we have excellent material that we financed. ”

Oculus publishes exclusive Rift and Quest games under its Oculus Studios label. Facebook-owned company is funding games from developers such as Ready at Dawn and Insomniac through this initiative. Sony, meanwhile, owns developers like Sony in London who work on exclusives. Both companies produce some of the most polished, visually striking and comprehensive best games in VR.

But can such castling really work? The VR scene is at an interesting stage of cooperation in the early years, when companies are more concerned with making the industry sustainable than directly competing with each other. Oculus, of course, can benefit from the sale of its software on PSVR, this figure is already equal to 4.4 million units (the figures for Rift and Quest are unknown).

The real question is whether Sony will be willing to cooperate. PlayStation games tend to remain exclusive to the console, but attracting high-quality PC games to the next VR headset is rumored to be available for the next PlayStation console. And it can be extremely beneficial. At the same time, many players would like to play Astro Bot: Rescue Mission on the Rift.

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Jason Rubin: Oculus “would like” to collaborate with SONY to exchange games

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