Oculus Rift S was introduced last month. Oculus advertised a device that made it easier and better. Many, instead of simple improvements, get a truly new product that would raise the bar for PC VR. But, obviously, the Rift S is not the Rift 2. Content Vice President Jason Rubin reports that in order to earn this name, the new headset would have to overcome an entire era of development.

“I think if we did something that we honestly called 2 and felt comfortable with this name, it would have to include radical new technologies,” Rubin told Variety in an interview published this week. .
“Like body tracking, eye tracking, a new input form, many things that would create a new ecosystem.”

We saw glimpses of what Rubin is talking about in the prototype headsets shown by Facebook’s R & D laboratory. Last year, for example, Oculus demonstrated another prototype. It was a big step forward, with a 140-degree field of view and varifocal displays. For comparison, the Rift S has the same functionality as the original Rift; it simply removes some of the clutter. For example, there is no need for external tracking sensors thanks to inside-out technology.

Meanwhile, VR enthusiasts are pinning their hopes on a mysterious new Valve headset called Index and have already awarded it the title of the next step in a high-end VR.

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Jason Rubin: Oculus Rift 2 should suffer a radical update

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