The VR-development studio (virtual reality) iVariant began working with the company Teplokom to launch a VR-showroom. Within the framework of this project, VR-models of block individual heat points (BITP) will be developed, which Teplocom will use for demonstration in Russia and abroad.

With a nearly 30-year history, Teplocom is a leader in the Russian market of manufacturers of energy metering devices, automation of production processes, distribution and consumption of heat. The wide range of companies includes: calculators, flow meters, automated block individual heating units (BITP) and much more.

The VR project will enable Teploky to present its products without the need for complex transportation and, as a result, additional costs. The company plans to use a ready-made VR project to demonstrate equipment and finished objects both in its own office and at numerous professional venues: exhibitions, forums, conferences, etc. With the introduction of VR technology, Teplocom will increase the perception of the brand as an innovative company, which is important in modern realities.

iVariant already has experience working with energy companies. In 2018, the company implemented a pilot project for Gazprom Neft, in the framework of which a VR training was created for employees on training to work on large-sized equipment. Among other major iVariant projects, cooperation with the Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad can be distinguished to recreate the Mir deep-sea museum apparatus (GOA) in VR.

The Teplocom project will be implemented on the Varwin platform. The technology will allow you to edit VR content yourself, without involving programmers, combining and creating new projects. To create scripts on the platform, the visual language Blockly from Google is used, with which you can build links between blocks of information. After creating the project, Teplokom specialists will be able to independently change equipment models, the location of objects and the logic of their interaction.

Boris Lapenok, Teplocom Development Director, emphasizes: “Despite the fact that we have to work in a fairly traditional market, we are aware of the importance of introducing new technologies. Virtual reality is a new horizon of opportunities, so it is very interesting for us to take part in the project development process. Teplocom constantly introduces new products, rules and operating instructions, so the ability to easily edit a project yourself is of great importance. ”

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IVariant VR development studio launches VR project for Teplocom

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