Now iVariant will help companies understand if they need VR. This is the first such project among corporate VR solutions.

The international VR development studio for business iVariant has announced the launch of a pre-project research service. Now companies will receive expert help in finding a problem in which VR solutions will show maximum efficiency. Thanks to its own approach, the studio will be able to find out at the pre-project stage which VR solution is best suited – for example, staff training or a virtual presentation of large-sized equipment – to eliminate the “pain” of companies.

Any medium and large business (medicine, industry, energy, marketing, tourism, etc.) that is interested in new approaches for business growth, but has not had experience implementing VR, can use the service. Project managers, system and business analysts, and technical writers will work on the research. The study will help brands avoid the risk of acquiring an unnecessary VR project.

“Without the experience of working with virtual reality, it is difficult to formulate the task and the KPI of the project correctly. Right now, only a couple of global IT integrators helping with the implementation of VR are consulting VR for business. As a rule, VR-studios conduct a little analytics when implementing a project, but this can hardly be called a full-fledged study: the client will find out all the nuances of working with VR already during or after the implementation of the project. The difference between iVariant is that we are focused on scalable projects: our own Varwin platform allows the client to complement and update projects without involving developers and at a lower cost. Defining the tasks and KPI of the project, we offer a case that will save on large-scale implementation and use the project for as long as possible, ”says Vitaly Stepanov, head of development of individual solutions at iVariant.

Most often, companies face three major challenges. Firstly, it is the difficulty of reproducing an object for presentation in real life (for example, military or medical equipment), and secondly, the geographical inaccessibility of special equipment (say, Gazpromneft oil rigs, for which iVariant has already prepared VR- project). The third problem is corporate training: if a company often has trainings or equipment updated, VR especially saves the budget. You can create one VR project and each time supplement it quickly and for free, independently changing the equipment and scenario in the project.

iVariant not only prepares documents describing which product needs to be developed, but also draws up a package of documents on how to manage the entire project from its inception to final acceptance.

The launch of pre-project research will help businesses to understand how to solve the “pain” using VR and the project boundary (cost, deadline and list of tasks), as well as success metrics when using a VR project. Somewhere, this is the amount of cost reduction, and somewhere, a decrease in the level of injuries or the number of accidents – specific indicators always depend on the context of the case and the company.

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