Some games will not get on Oculus Quest? This may be due to the game community … and the hardware of the virtual reality helmet itself.

Hello Games developer talked about the possibility of implementing No Man’s Sky Beyond on the Oculus Quest virtual reality helmet. After all, initially it seemed to the fans of the game that this undertaking was not feasible.

“In fact, I played a lot of it, and it feels great on this device,” Murray said about the new standalone Facebook headset.

A studio representative explained that the team’s work on the VR version is far from complete.

“It may be version 2.0 for the game, but version 1.0 for VR,” Murray said.

However, given Quest’s limited power, No Man’s Sky VR could never fit on a device. Murray’s comments certainly suggest that this could lead to a future, more powerful iteration of the device. No Man’s Sky Beyond is currently arriving as a free update with support for Rift, Vive, Index and PSVR.

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Is No Man’s Sky VR possible on Oculus Quest

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