Who did not have time, he will wait.

Interest in Valve’s Index has always been huge, and this seems to have been proven only a day after pre-orders were launched. If you go to the headset order page on Steam, you will notice a slight change – the delivery dates have changed, and several months have been added (at least for the UK).

When the pre-orders for the Valve Index were entered, each item was assigned a shipping date: June 28, 2019. This first batch of pre-orders is now clearly sold, as terms extended for even longer. Most notable is the entire Valve Index VR Kit, which is priced at £ 919 ($ 999). His date moved by 3 months to September 30, 2019. A bit less impressive is the headset and controller kit for £ 689, with a new shipping date of August 31. Of course, it seems that even at such prices customers did not keep themselves waiting – although it is unclear how many Valve devices allocated for the first orders.

In addition to the two main sets, the headset itself has a shipping date of July 31, while the Valve Index controllers and base stations 2.0 remain unchanged from June 28. Designed for high-definition virtual reality gaming, the Valve Index is well suited to those who already love VR and want to get an even better experience. The headset offers a full spectrum RGB, LCD display with a resolution of 2880 × 1600 (1440 × 1600 per eye) with a field of view of 130 degrees. The device also includes side-effect short-range speakers, manual IPD adjustment, antimicrobial cloth covering, a front panel that will support additional USB 3.0 devices, and other equally interesting features.

Valve also confirmed that the “flagship VR title” will be announced later this year, supporting all headsets compatible with SteamVR.

With such a delay, it seems that only a lucky few will be able to use Viveport Infinity, which allowed new users of the Valve Index to get 2 months of free subscription, since the offer is available only until June 30.

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Interest in the Valve Index is high, so shipping dates are shifting to September and August.

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