Intercelluar immerses in the human body

There is nothing in the Intercelluar app, except for a good virtual reality educational experience (VR).

It is designed to immerse you in the human body itself. Scientific-communicative studio Random42, previously known by the Augmented Reality (AR) application released in 2017, recently launched a mobile VR application that takes you inside the human body at the intercellular level.

This is the first specialized educational VR experience from Random42 studio, which uses a much more cinematic approach to user training, clearly demonstrating the processes that occur inside the human body.

“You can see a variety of cells that perform various tasks: from neurons in the brain to bacteria in the intestines. Travel inside the cell and examine the nucleus to reveal the DNA – the code that makes us who we are, ”says the company.

“We are pleased to launch our first truly educational VR experience, which is also widely available. We hope that this project will go beyond our normal customer base. If this happens, schools and universities, as well as a larger scientific community, could benefit from our work, ”said Ben Ramsbottom, CEO of Random42, in a statement.

Intercellular is designed to work on mobile devices and is reproduced using the simplest virtual reality glasses Google Cardboard or a similar headset. To fully immerse themselves in VR, users need to download a special application called Random42 Virtual Reality for iOS or Android devices. If you do not have a Cardboard headset, but you work in the healthcare sector, Random42 will send it to you for free. To do this, the company asks only to fill out the appropriate form on its official website.

“Intercellular has become one of the most challenging VR projects the team has been working on. The transition from one 3D environment to another is a delicate process in VR. We needed to make sure that the transitions did not disorient or annoy the viewer. I think the hard work of the team really paid off. I especially like to move from the cellular to the molecular level, watching how the cell breaks, revealing a different world inside, ”says Leo Chilcott, production director at Random42.

As Random42 continues to expand its portfolio of VR and AR projects, VRcue will tell you the latest news about studio activities.

Intercelluar immerses in the human body

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