Intel abandoned the project to develop smart glasses Vaunt

In February 2018, Intel introduced a prototype of its own Vaunt smart glasses, but, according to a recent company statement, work on the project has already been discontinued.

The unit for the development of smart glasses and other wearable devices was formed in 2013, but the products did not come to light.

The company said that, despite the development of “truly different” virtual reality glasses, in a tough and constantly evolving market, one has to make a choice. The main reason for refusing further work on Vault was the lack of funding.

What was the feature of these glasses?

Vaunt is more compact compared to Google Glasses. All electronics points from Intel fit into the frame. Also, the device is not cluttered with a camera and a screen. With a weight of 50 grams, Vaunt does not look different from ordinary glasses. But, in comparison with Google Glasses, the development from Intel had more limited functionality.

Smart glasses have not yet become an everyday device, but they are already benefiting in various industries. For example, GLXSS smart glasses helped the Chinese police catch three dozen lawbreakers.

Intel abandoned the project to develop smart glasses Vaunt

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