You can check this information right now on Steam, but no other details about the release of the new headset have yet been provided.

Although we don’t see the full image of the headset, the information seems strikingly similar to the merged images of the new Valve headset.

At the time, sources said it was indeed a SteamVR Valve headset. We also heard that it will have a wider field of view with a resolution about the same as the HTC Vive Pro.

Last week, GDC Valve said that the company has updates in the VR plan, which they want to share quite “soon.” At GDC, we saw that Oculus announced their new Rift S headset, which will replace the original Rift. It uses a new internal tracking system, while the Index VR is expected to be provided by the next generation of external tracking technology, which will be implemented through SteamVR.

However, on closer examination of the image, we see what appears to be the SteamVR Valve tracking system, which is built into the headset.

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Index VR: Valve’s new VR helmet will be released in May

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