In the Premier Leagues with True View and VR!

After having offered the best sports and football games in virtual reality, it’s time to take an interest in an application that will revolutionize the way of living the match in a stadium. Indeed, thanks to the technology True View developed by Intel, the spectators will be able to watch a match of the Premier League (English league of football) in the skin of a player evolving on the ground!

True View, the VR to relive the best moments …

Clubs are always looking for innovation to attract fans, so that in 2018, technology investments in sport reached $ 1 billion! Among them, a new technology that will change the way we see football games. Baptized True View, it was sold to three Premier League clubs (Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City) to be offered in their stadiums.

Concretely, you can relive a decisive moment, a hot action from every angle. Two features will be proposed to you: the laser wall, namely a virtual plan which allows to locate the position of each player on the ground, and the mode “Be the player”, which makes it possible to see the action as if you were in the skin of the player who performs this action or who observes it. Thus, the fans will be able to better immerse themselves in the game thanks to the possibility of choosing the point of view and the moment.

To achieve this result, Intel uses volumetric capture, which is the recording of 38 cameras filming the entire height, width and depth in 5K. These cameras are arranged all around the stadium for a better final rendering and to better freeze a precise moment. Once the images are captured, they will be processed by ultra-powerful servers and used in specialized software. Thus, the action will be recreated to perfection in virtual reality and 6DOF (6 degrees of freedom).

Reach a wide audience

Even if the technology is new to the Premier League, True View is not unknown to the general public. Indeed, it is already used across the Atlantic, proof of its reliability. Thanks to Intel, the most popular football league in the world will offer more opportunities for fans, as well as commentators, referees and coaches, in terms of tactics! A very interesting news so …

If the broadcasters of the Premier League agree, the technology will be available from March 10 in the stadiums of Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool … However, no release in France is still planned.

In the Premier Leagues with True View and VR!

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