On June 6, in the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, ICS Holding and the Enlightenment group of companies announced the creation of a joint digital enterprise, IT Prosveshchenie.

Its main task is the development of products for solving practical problems in the field of education: educational process management systems, digital teaching materials, marketplace for teachers, students and their parents, and other digital products and technologies in the fields of B2B and B2G.

The company will work in two directions. The first is the solution of the tasks set in the framework of the national projects “Education” and “Digital Economy” under the auspices of the Ministry of Education: the renewal of the educational infrastructure, the content and methods of teaching and education, and the training of teachers. The second is the development of commercial products in the field of education for individuals and legal entities.

“The problems of digital education of the younger generation are becoming more relevant. Together with the Enlightenment group of companies, we will be engaged in the creation of digital solutions for educational organizations, including the modernization of the educational and methodological base. A separate area of ​​our cooperation is the creation of innovative education centers in 80 regions of Russia, which transform the traditional approach to building the educational process, focusing on business needs, ”comments Yulia Shutkina, vice president of ICS Holding.

Products created on the basis of a joint venture will be integrated into the general education system. This applies to the latest equipment for schools (3d printers, VR – systems, modern tablets, etc.), and the development of school spaces (navigation, digital library, online orders in the canteen), and educational materials.

A separate area of ​​work will be the transformation of the educational process itself – the organization of permanent online communication of students, teachers and parents; adjusting the online training plan based on an analysis of the activity and success of each student; formation of a motivation system for teachers; development of online platforms for OGE and EGE.

“The cooperation of Enlightenment and IKS Holding will give digital products and technologies a fundamentally new level to education and related industries. The main consumer of the education system is the labor market. “We will help start the preparation of competitive, erudite, motivated children who create values ​​for society and are values ​​in themselves,” said Alexei Shapovalov, vice-president of the Enlightenment group of companies. “A more thoughtful approach to the formation of the educational agenda in the regions of the country will be the solution of several topical issues at once: reduction of negative migration, development of the regional economy, formation of new cultural and technological clusters.”

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ICS Holding and Enlightenment will create an innovative enterprise in the field of education

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