Iberia will offer a variety of VR entertainment on flights between Madrid and New York

Thanks to stand-alone virtual reality (VR) headsets, you can enjoy exciting entertainment anywhere even on long journeys. Inflight VR travel equipment specialist in the travel industry recently announced its collaboration with Iberia. In this way, it helps to expand the airline’s ability to entertain passengers aboard an aircraft.

Iberia will launch a new entertainment program on routes between Madrid, New York and Tel Aviv within a six-month trial period, making the headset accessible to passengers on two Madrid-New York flights, on the Airbus A350 – 900, and on the daily flight Madrid-Tel Aviv with Airbus A330-200. Depending on how they pass the tests, Iberia will decide to extend the service to other routes.

Inflight VR will provide Iberia Pico Goblin 2 headsets – just as it did for FlixBus – for passengers who can rent a headset as an alternative to standard movie viewing. They will be able to choose between video games, movies, city travel and documentaries, including diving into the depths of the Red Sea.

Commenting on the new collaboration, Nicolas Eger, founder and managing director of Inflight VR, said in a statement:

“We believe that virtual reality has great potential, and it can improve the flight of air passengers as part of an onboard entertainment program. The spectator is no longer just an observer, he can walk around the city he visits, or just have a rest before arriving at his destination. ”

Ignacio Toval, director of digital transformations at Iberia, added:

“We learned about the onboard VR through the Hangar 51, an IAG start-up accelerator program. Since 2017, we have been working together to develop a VR solution that can offer new experiences to our customers. An important aspect of Iberia’s digital transformation is the introduction of new technologies and innovations throughout the journey: from the moment a passenger thinks about buying a ticket and arriving at their destination. ”

In addition, Secret Location teamed up with Skylights and Inflight VR to create The Great C’s cinematic adventure for the company’s customers. With Inflight’s VR, multiple entertainment systems will receive the many Paris Star Alliance lounges at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and Rome Fiumicino Airport. In addition, five different Air France lounges will be installed at Charles de Gaulle Airport.

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Iberia will offer a variety of VR entertainment on flights between Madrid and New York

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