Iberia begins to offer virtual reality on some of its flights

The Inflight VR startup based in Munich and Barcelona offers its immersive content solution to the Spanish airline.

Iberia, in collaboration with the startup Inflight VR, has announced a trial period of 6 months during which they will offer passengers on some of their flights the possibility of immersing themselves in different virtual reality experiences. The service, which costs € 6, is now available on both Madrid-New York daily flights and the Madrid-Tel Aviv daily. The content platform of Inflight VR, which features the recent addition of The Great C narrative experience, allows users to enjoy games, applications and videos with Pico G2 viewers, which are comfortable due to their light weight of 268 grams and offer one of the clearest visual experiences on the market thanks to its LCD screens of 1440×1600 resolution at 90 Hz.

“We believe that VR has great potential and can change the experience of passengers as part of the on-board entertainment program.” The spectator is no longer a mere observer, but can stroll through the city he will visit, or simply relax before to reach their destination, “says Nikolas Jaeger, CEO of Inflight VR.

Ignacio Toval, director of digital transformation at Iberia, explains that they have been collaborating with the startup since 2017 in order to offer a new experience to their customers. Once the test program is finished, they will analyze the results and make the decision to extend the service to other medium and long haul routes.

Inflight VR has already collaborated with other airlines, as well as with bus companies thanks to the collaboration project with FlixBus, which is available in some cities in the United States.

Iberia begins to offer virtual reality on some of its flights

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