Wait until next week to buy a 360 for a penny.

Over the past couple of years, Amazon has deployed decent savings when it comes to virtual reality technology (VR). For those who are interested in buying a 360-degree camera, Insta360 has confirmed that several of its devices will be sold at a decent discount.

Insta360 has created a whole portfolio of consumer and professional 360 cameras covering most user needs, and five of them will be sold at the Amazon Prime Day event.

The latest consumer camera, the Insta360 EVO, gets a pretty decent 20 percent discount, reducing the cost from £ 419.99 to £ 335.99 (saving £ 84). EVO offers users to record video and images in the format of 360 degrees and 180 degrees. Thanks to the new Insta360 VR application, you can directly view content on Oculus Go, HTC Vive Focus and Samsung Gear VR.

Also, the Insta360 One and Insta360 One X cameras are presented in the assortment. Both have a built-in solution for stabilizing the recording state, achieving smooth results no matter what kind of activity the user performs. The cost of these cameras dropped from $ 249.89 to £ 201.00 (approximately 20% discount), while the Insta360 One X will sell for £ 349.00 instead of £ 409.95 (15 percent), and the Insta360 One X 32 GB will cost customers 359.00 (saving 15 percent of the usual £ 421.95 price.

Then at the pro-end of the spectrum is Insta360 Pro 2. Designed for high-quality capture, the camera boasts six F2.8 fisheye lenses that can record at 8K resolution. Models offered through Amazon include 2 memory cards, including a 64 GB microSD card and 64GB SD cards for £ 5,223.00. On a prime day, you can catch a 10 percent discount considering that the price will be £ 4709.

If this price is still too high, then the Insta360 Nano S, designed for the iPhone, will be on sale for £ 164, not £ 169.

Insta360 Amazon Prime Day Special Offers:

  • Insta360 One X – £ 349.00
  • Insta360 One X (with 32 GB Micro SD Card) – £ 359.00
  • Insta360 EVO – £ 335.99
  • Insta360 Pro 2 – £ 4709
  • Insta360 One – £ 201
  • Insta360 Nano S – £ 164

Amazon Prime Day is, in fact, two days, from Monday, 15 to Tuesday, July 16, 2019. If there are any other VR related offers, VRcue will let you know.

Hurry up to buy 360-degree cameras on Amazon Prime Day

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