Hubs, Virtual reality social networking

Mozilla has launched the open access Hubs – the simplest social network based on WebVR technology. The project does not yet contain functionality similar to and other similar sites. The user chooses his avatar as a robot and materializes in his personal room. Avatar can move, broadcast speech using a microphone. The user can call friends to his room by sending them a link. Mozilla sees Hubs as an experiment in the development of a new technology.

What is special about WebVR technology

Experiments with VR technologies have been going on for quite some time, but one thing remained unchanged – a special application was required to use any VR device. WebVR allows the user to dive into the virtual world simply by clicking on the link. Mozilla claims that Hubs supports all the main VR glasses models currently presented, but access to Hubs is also possible via a smartphone or computer. The only requirements are an internet connection and a browser.

The development of technology is at a very early stage, but Mozilla actively continues to experiment, attracting third-party developers. Announced an advanced system for creating avatars and a tool for modifying personal space.

WebVR 1.0 was released on March 1, 2016. At the time of writing the news, it is known that the joint efforts of Mozilla, Google and Microsoft experts are actively working on version 2.0 of WebVR API. In October 2017, Mozilla added mixed reality support to browsers, and in February 2018, it was possible to launch VR applications on Unity.

Hubs, Virtual reality social networking

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