HTC Tweet reads:

“We’re discovering the #HTC VIVE COSMOS story! We have so many details that we would like to share. Stay with us on social networks next week to stay up to date with Cosmos history. We will come to you soon with information on availability and release dates in the near future. ”

Original story: we recently announced that the next consumer headset for the HTC VR, Vive Cosmos, will start in Q3 2019. Today the company has confirmed that it will tell more information about the release … next week.

The tweet, just sent from your HTC Vive account, says that the Cosmos story and details about its availability and release date will be revealed next week. There is a new picture, which also suggests that the kit may have a small redesign. Now it seems that headphones are embedded in the device, and a new design has appeared in the corners.

Judging by the teasers, a virtual reality helmet will be released in January, and it will be a modular headset. We know that the kit can work on a PC and has a built-in tracking feature, but HTC also suggested that it can work from a phone. But that’s not all; users can replace other key features.

In any case, we will closely monitor this. HTC soon releases the adventurous Vive Pro Eye, but it was a rather unpopular device in the consumer space, as the Oculus Rift S and Valve Index began to conquer the market a little earlier and louder about themselves. Can Cosmos take the company to the first places? Maybe we will find out next week.

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HTC will reveal information about Vive Cosmos next week.

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