HTC has confirmed this week that the upcoming Vive Cosmos will support the existing official Vive wireless adapter.

Vive Cosmos is HTC’s next consumer headset for the VR PC. This confirmation means that a virtual reality headset may be the only 2019 headset for PC VR users with the wireless adapter option – at least during startup.

Neither the Oculus Rift S nor the Valve Index have a wireless adapter, and there is not yet an adapter for any Windows MR headset.

However, Valve recently stated that it “is exploring several methods” for wireless mode in Index. The company’s CEO, Gabe Newell, stated in early 2017 that wireless communication is a “solvable problem”.

Oculus Facebook has not announced plans to make the Rift s wireless. Currently, Oculus offers wireless access through the Oculus Quest, but it is a stand-alone headset, not a device connected to a computer. However, Facebook has a number of patents related to the wireless PC VR, which indicate that it is actively exploring technology, such as positional tracking of the formation of a directional beam.

There are 3 wireless VR adapters on the market as of July 2019: the official wireless adapter Vive, TPCast for Oculus Rift and TPCast for HTC Vive. Both wireless adapters for the Vive sell for $ 299, while the Rift wireless adapter sells for $ 319.

The official Vive wireless adapter also works with the Vive Pro (and Cosmos too), but the TPCast adapters only work with the original Rift and HTC Vive, not the Rift S or Vive Pro.

Of course, $ 299 is still a steep price for wireless communications (provided that HTC does not plan to lower prices). The entire Oculus Rift S system costs only $ 100 more.

But there are a number of VR enthusiasts with wireless Vive Pro who don’t want to return to the cable shackles. For them, Cosmos may be a much more attractive option than anything from Facebook or Valve this year.

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HTC Vive Cosmos will support wireless adapter

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