Vive Cosmos, a virtual reality helmet from HTC, was designed to bring a new audience to VR technology. HTC leaders also want to reach people who consider current virtual reality systems too expensive or inaccessible to ordinary users.

That’s why he got a built-in tracking system and improved design. He also has, according to HTC, the most expensive display among the Vive headsets. But VR enthusiasts will not stand aside.

Although HTC still says little about Vive Cosmos, the company’s top managers still claim that Cosmos will suit even the most fastidious customers. At the same time, the modular case will allow the headset to work both on a PC and on HTC smartphones.

According to the HTC top manager, Daniel O’Brien:

“Everything that you see from us over the next few years, whether it’s business development and B2B, or consumer technology, just looks at the friction points and tries to take them away. That is how we are trying to get closer to the mass consumer market. This product will be able to grow and support our premium VR customers that we have today and the customers we want to see in our ranks. Cosmos will continue to evolve throughout the year. ”

That’s all we know about HTC Cosmos at the moment.

But, with the advent of GDC this month, new information about Cosmos, as VRcue hopes, is waiting for us right around the corner.

HTC executives: Vive Cosmos will appeal to many markets

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