Thanks to the platform, users without programming skills can manage professional VR training, interactive educational courses and other VR projects of any complexity.

Petersburg-based VR development company Varwin launched a platform to simplify the VR development process – Varwin RMS (Reality Management System). Software can be downloaded for free at

RMS software allows developers to create professional VR projects that can be managed by a person with any training. Previously, due to the complexity of VR technologies, only developers could do this, and for every minor change in the project, customers were forced to turn to them. This slowed down the process of developing and implementing VR projects and required extra expenses.

To use the solution from Varwin, no special skills are needed. Customers can manage VR projects themselves and make any edits. Facilitates the process interface with clear logic of drag-and-drop, familiar to all PC users. It is based on Blockly’s visual language from Google, which allows you to build links between blocks of information.

“VR for business is not yet a large-scale technology: the buyer cannot manage content without a developer. Therefore, VR designs are expensive, long and inflexible. The same situation was with websites before the advent of CMS (content management systems). RMS from Varwin makes virtual reality available to everyone. The world changes when information can be managed by its owner, and not just by the developer, ”comments Alexey Dovzhikov, co-founder and CEO Varwin.

VR objects and locations are created by the Unity developer community and then transferred to Varwin for easy drag-and-drop management. All this can be used repeatedly to create new VR projects. Each user contributes to the development of the platform and facilitates the creation of new content.

Developers save time on editing the project, thereby increasing the speed of development. In addition, they can use objects with a given interaction logic and reuse previously created projects. Varwin gives them access to a library of objects, an intuitive WYSIWYG editor and the Unity SDK. Developers and customers have equal access to the project on the platform, so updates are displayed automatically and can be instantly approved.

Experts predict growth in the global VR content market to $ 41 billion by the end of 2024. The chances that this forecast will come true are great: every day more and more people learn to work with VR content, and more and more users join the service.

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How to simplify the development of VR projects for business: release of the Varwin VR platform

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