The second VR game from Red Limb Studio.

PlayStation VR may already surprise with such horror games as Resident Evil VII Biohazard or Exorcist: Legion VR, but there is always room for more. This week, the launch of psychological horror Rise of Insanity for the PlayStation 4 with the additional support of virtual reality (VR) for the headset.

Created by Polish developer Red Limb Studio, the video game inspired some of the biggest horror films, including Radiance, Exorcist and Silent Hill. The action takes place in the 1970s in America, it revolves around Stephen Dowell, a psychology doctor. He explores the tragedy that befell his family, exploring the darkest corners of the human mind, experiencing experimental methods of treatment on a difficult patient. As such, Rise of Insanity has some rather strange and surrealistic scenarios.

Originally released for the PC in 2018 with support for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, players must explore the ever-winding landscape in Rise of Insanity, revealing dark secrets and solving logic puzzles along the way.

Studio Red Limb has not given any indication that the PlayStation version of Rise of Insanity has been modified or updated from the original version, so it looks like a straight console port.

The release of Rise of Insanity is scheduled for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR on Friday, July 12th.

VRcue will continue to highlight the Red Limb and Rise of Insanity studios, reporting further announcements and updates.

Horror Rise of Insanity is now on PlayStation VR

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