Ready to test your bravery in VR? A fan remade Slender Man in VR for Oculus Quest.

Reddit user QValem collected the original iconic classic horror game and adapted it to run on a standalone Facebook headset. In Slender Man, you are lost in the woods looking for scraps of paper. You must collect a certain amount before the haunting, lanky figure of a slender person will catch up with you. The game was the epitome of absolute horror when it came out on the PC in 2011, and we really don’t want to think about how much worse it would look in VR.

You can download the APK application here and run it through SideQuest. However, QValem notes that it was a small project, completed in less than an hour. Then do not expect an incredibly fine-tuned experience. This is just “fun” for horror lovers. The developer shared how they created the experience in the Reddit stream above. This was done with the noble intention of scaring a girlfriend.

With how quickly something like this was assembled, we are surprised that we still have not seen the official game Slender Man VR. A simple and effective concept seems ideally suited to port into virtual reality, if not for a complete game. It belongs to the list of other horror games, such as PT and Outlast, which simply ask for the VR version.

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Horror fans have adapted Slender Man VR for Quest

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