In an interview with Rocket Beans Gaming, Hideo Kojima noted that he
interested in virtual reality, but, at the moment, he has
not enough free time to work with the VR platform.

In anticipation of the release of their new game for the PlayStation 4 under
titled Death Stranding, Kojima talked to the press. Naturally, the journalists made sure
to be asked a question regarding VR, especially given the recent Kojima tweet
with his brand new shiny Valve Index.

Kojima answered the interviewer’s question about virtual
realities – in particular, did he have any thoughts or ideas for
PlayStation VR, or it is facing too much pronounced “marine
disease ”when working with virtual reality.

As soon as the interviewer pronounces the words “virtual
reality ”, you can hear how Kojima gives out his excitement to the cute
sound even before the translator even began to translate the question itself. His answer
was as follows:

“Well, I want to create something where you will not suffer from“ motion sickness ”while moving. I’m really interested in VR, but right now I’m not free enough for her. ”

VR can be used not only for games, but also for
art, education or simulator of certain processes. I think that it is
there will be a breakthrough using VR. However, in the next 5 years, everything depends on
frame rate. Yes, this indicator is indeed very important for technology. Now
the potential of virtual reality cannot be fully revealed, however it
a good time to develop technology. ”

From the words “genius” it follows that someday we may still
we get the VR game developed by Kojima. Anyway, we can do it

Hideo Kojima is “interested” in VR, but currently “not free enough”

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