Don’t expect Google Stadia VR to become reality anytime soon.

While Oculus Quest and Valve Index captured the headlines of VR this year, one theme dominated the gaming industry: streaming. While Microsoft has its Xcloud service on the way, Google is playing its game with Stadia VR. Launched at the end of this year, the platform will allow people to stream games to various devices. There has been a lot of speculation about how well it will work, but we also wonder if it can ever support VR.

At the moment it is not. Recently, Google published a FAQ for Stadia, which includes the mere mention of VR.

“At the moment we have no news about VR support in Stadia,” the company notes.

Google, of course, has VR experience with its often forgotten Daydream platform. However, streaming to a VR headset is a completely different challenge. While input delay is a problem for traditional games, it is even more harmful for VR, where any perceived delay between input and action can cause motion sickness.

If we had to guess, it would have been several years, at least, before Google would be confident in deploying VR streaming through the stadiums. However, if he ever gets there, the profit can be huge. Imagine an affordable, lightweight VR headset that can broadcast VR-quality PCs without being tied to it, such as devices like the Oculus Quest. This will certainly advance the industry a few steps forward.

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Google: “We have no news about Stadia VR, but we didn’t roll up the project”

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