Google offers developers a new format VR180

To popularize the VR180 project, Google introduced a system for software and hardware developers. The platform was provided with documentation for working with projects and their further publication.

How it works?

For VR180 video, the company has expanded the standard Spherical Video Metadata V2, which builds a mesh-based projection. This makes it possible to build individual images into a complete image. Then the developers added the Motion Metadata tool, which helped stabilize the image according to the camera movement. The first shots in the VR Photo format were taken using the Cardboard Camera mobile app.

How development can be useful?

Google believes that the VR180 format can gain popularity and make more accessible the creation of content with virtual reality. To this end, the company has developed new cameras that use Point-and-Shoot technology. To shoot a video in a new format, the user only needs to direct the device to the object, and all the necessary actions for implementing VR will be made by the camera itself.

This is not the first development of Google in the field of virtual reality. Recall that in March 2018, the company introduced the installation and software for working with stereoscopic video in VR.

Google offers developers a new format VR180

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