Google removed Google Play Movies & TV from its Daydream VR platform.

Play Movies & TV is a Google portal for renting and buying movies and shows. It is available on Android, iOS, Web, and Roku. Until this month, it was also available on Daydream, Google’s Google’s high-end Android smartphone platform, and Lenovo stand-alone headset.

Daydream users will still be able to watch their rented movies through their library in the YouTube VR app. However, the user interface is not exactly designed for this. To view and buy movies now they will need to use their phone or computer.

This news is part of the Google trend of winding down investment in the Daydream platform. Last month, the head of Google VR told CNET that the company would not release competitor Quest this year. Samsung has stopped supporting Daydream with its Galaxy S10, and Google’s own recently released Pixel 3a also doesn’t support Daydream.

Google initially gained a reputation and quickly abandoned new platforms and products, but it is disappointing that the company seems to be using this approach to virtual reality.

Oculus Go competing Facebook headsets offer rental and purchase of VR movies through Oculus Video. This feature has been removed from the PC VR Rift platform, and Facebook claims that Rift is mainly used for games.

The recently released Oculus Quest has not yet received the movie rental app, but it looks like its release is planned for the future.

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Google kills movie rentals and purchases on Daydream VR

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