Google has announced innovations for Daydream

Google announced that soon on the virtual reality platform Daydream users will be able to run any Android-based applications. This will allow you to open your favorite programs and games without having to wait until the developers add support for VR. The function is considered experimental and designed primarily for developers.

In addition, the company introduced the See-Through Mode, which allows the user to see what is in front of him without removing the VR headset. However, this innovation is not over: Google also showed experimental controllers with 6 degrees of freedom, which are already available to some developers.

How does VR support work?

Opening an arbitrary application in Daydream, the user will see it on the large virtual screen. A separate advantage of this will be in games, where a larger screen allows you to achieve greater comfort. To interact with the application using the classic controllers for the headset.

What is See-Through Mode?

The new See-Through Mode is actively using WorldSence technology, which is implemented in the Google VR headset and provides accurate tracking of position in space with low latency. Due to the fact that the cameras in the headset are located approximately at a distance of eyes, the exact perception of depth is also available to the user. One of the consequences is the ability to play ping-pong without removing the headset.

The combination of these technologies also allows you to create new products in the field of augmented reality (Augmented Reality). For example, an interior designer could work on a new layout, adding virtual chairs, tables and other decorations on top of a real room.

What is the peculiarity of the new controllers?

In addition to software innovations, Google also introduced new controllers, the main feature of which is the support of 6 degrees of freedom. In practice, this means that the user can work more comfortably in virtual reality, bringing the naturalness of hand movements closer to the real world. Until now, this functionality was available only to expensive VR headsets designed for PCs.

Instead of using expensive external cameras and sensors that require careful calibration, Google was able to do with standard parts and machine learning technologies. This greatly reduced the cost of the device, which made it more accessible to buyers.

Recall that in late July 2018, Google officially released the Google Chrome version for Daydream platform. In addition to the standard features, the cinema version and support for the WebVR standard were also added to the VR version.

Google has announced innovations for Daydream

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