The exclusive console title Golem for PlayStation VR (PSVR) of developer studio Highwire Games should appear in March 2018, after it was first demonstrated at PlayStation Experience 2017. However, the release was postponed and should take place in 2019. For a long time it was quiet about the promised VR experience, but now the PSVR title will be demonstrated at the PAX East from March 28th to 31st.

Golem – Exclusive PSVR title announced for PAX East

The VR title Golem puts the players in the role of a young girl who was bedridden due to a tragic accident. Destroyed by fate, she loses her will to live until one day she makes a strange discovery. It has supernatural abilities that enable it to take control of inanimate objects via telepathy.

So she slips into dolls of various sizes to familiarize herself with her new skills until she finally masters the control of giant stone statues. Spiritually connected to the soulless entities, she overcomes the limitations of her own body and embarks on great adventures and explorations of deserted cities and civilizations. There are gameplay-technically solving many puzzles, overcoming challenges and fighting.

Steingolem Virtual Reality PlayStation game

The promising VR title now seems to have reached its final stage of development, as the game will be demonstrated at the upcoming PAX East in a few days, as announced on the US PlayStation blog.

The developers at Highwire Games are putting a lot of work into development to ensure a smooth release experience. Thus, the publication has been postponed several times with the following reason:

“We want Golem to be just the game we envision and take the time it takes to get it there.”

We can look forward to seeing what the game will ultimately look like and which playful elements it will contain. In addition to Golem, the big event will feature Ghost Giant, Falcon Age, Jupiter & Mars, Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash !, Trover Saves the Universe and Vacation Simulator.

The PAX East will be held from March 28th to 31st in Boston, MA.

Golem: Long-announced PSVR title to be demonstrated at PAX East

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