The GDC 2019 opens its doors today and promises interesting news for the VR industry. According to a recent email, the new Oculus Rift S will be unveiled at the big event and Nate Mitchell also promises some interesting surprises and an exciting year for Virtual Reality. Oculus teases exciting news on Twitter at Twitter, which clearly points to a version of Beat Saber for the Oculus Quest.

GDC 2019 – Oculus teases Beat Saber for Oculus Quest

In keeping with Oculus’ pre-cancellations to GDC 2019, Hugo Barra, VP of Oculus AR and VR, publishes new insights into upcoming VR titles for the Oculus Quest via Twitter.

While the executives promise exciting news from Oculus, a short video refers to upcoming software for the Quest glasses. Within the video, the Oculus representative will be performing iconic moves with the new VR glasses that connoisseurs of the hit Beat Saber should immediately recognize.

We’re dropping some exciting @oculus news later today at 8am PT. Stay tuned … #QuestCountdown # GDC19

– Hugo Barra (@hbarra) March 18, 2019

Although the successful title Beat Saber is not explicitly mentioned, the extensive hand movements point to the rhythmic sawing of blocks with the iconic lightsabers.

Oculus will release more information on software and hardware products at GDC 2019 this afternoon. A revelation of the Oculus Rift S is also possible, as well as an announcement of the Oculus Quest. For the release of the Oculus Quest will appear a total of 50 start titles. Developer studios such as Resolution Games, Fast Travel Games and Schell Games have been working on related VR games for some time.

In addition, it should give further insights into the VR title Stormland, Asgard’s Wrath and the previously unknown Zelda-like VR-RPG of the Left-4-Dead developers.

GDC 2019: Oculus teases Beat Saber for Oculus Quest and other VR titles

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