Experimental technology has become part of the marketing campaign for the final game of thrones season. Users are encouraged to try Magic Leap One’s augmented reality experience and a virtual reality scene with the HTC Vive Focus for the Game of Thrones at AT & T store in Powell Street in San Francisco.

First, let’s talk about Magic Leap, Game of Thrones: The Dead Must Die. It all starts in a room similar to the Game of Thrones Museum, with outfits from the exhibition in glass cases. The Dead Must Die is a mixed reality experience combining real-world props and AR. Physical space resembles a scene from Royal Harbor.

Indoors are invited to put on Magic Leap One Creator Edition glasses, which come with a device that you hang on your shoulder, and glasses that allow you to see animated effects in the real world. On the floor (as you can see in the picture), sawn in half, lies one of the dead, animated by the White Walkers. But his animatronic hand is still moving.

Then another of the virtual dead began to break out of the box. The visitor can take a burning torch and set fire to these creatures. If so done, they burn to the ground. Then the ice wall on the other side of the room begins to crack. When you approach it, a dragon glass dagger appears. Taking it in hand, an ice portal opens in the wall through which the White Walker bursts through. After you hit him with a dagger, everything ends. This is a fairly quick, affordable and exciting experience.

The Dead Must Die Experience is available at AT & T locations in San Francisco, Boston and Chicago. In the future there will be an opportunity to visit in such cities as Los Angeles and Dallas in the middle of the month and will last until June 10.

Also, the visitor is invited to try the Game of Thrones VR. This requires a stand-alone headset HTC Vive Focus. It all starts on a mixed reality platform with a bunch of plastic ice around. When you wear glasses, you find yourself at the gate at the bottom of the wall. In the ice corridor stands Ranger from the Night Watch. He says that you need a sword, and gives his. Then he picks up a bow and opens the gate.

In VR, snow flies at you through the opening. In reality, a gust of cold air hits you too. Then the ranger goes forward, and you follow him, although you do not need to physically move or control the game. The snowstorm around is intensifying, and the Night Watch’s brother will disappear from sight, leaving only traces in the snow. Then you hear a scream in front, and start moving faster.

Reaching a bloody spot in the snow you will attack a giant creature, like a large lyuvovolka. The ranger shoots a fiery arrow at the creature’s head, and it has flared. You take the sword, hit him on the head, and he begins to glow. The creature jumps and attacks, and when it lands on the ground, the platform on which the visitor stands is set in motion.

After his death, passing along the bloody trail to his companion, who lies on the snow, leaning against a rock. Then he stood up like a zombie, and it becomes clear that he has turned into a living dead man. He approaches and attacks, and you can only defend.

Then the other corpses appear from the fog, attacking from several sides. You have to defend with the sword, knocking them down with a pair of strokes. In the end, they gain the upper hand and kill you. That’s the end of it.

Because of the cold wind that blows your diving experience, it feels very intense.

There is also a shop in which there are many memorabilia and authentic costumes from the Game of Thrones. You can also buy a bunch of products from the TV series and its various houses, such as the House of the Starks or the House of the Lannisters.

Magic Leap One headsets sell for $ 2,295. Season 8 starts on HBO on April 14th. HBO also made an online entertainment center dedicated to the Game of Thrones, where you can learn a brief retelling of past seasons, participate in quizzes, familiarize yourself with character profiles, familiarize yourself with backstage materials and download wallpaper for yourself. All this is done from fans and for fans.

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Game of Thrones is near and already available in AR

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