With Fugl, a new game is in store at Oculus for the Oculus Rift and Rift S, which will take you through a voxel world. Almost everything is described, because the bird simulation does not have a story or a defined target.

Fugl tried for the Oculus Rift

The VR version of Fugl is not a new development for VR glasses. The game was released in 2017 for the monitor and now the developers have brought the title into Virtual Reality.

In Fugl you steer a bird through a self-generating world and discover the beauty of nature. However, your bird does not stay in a form, but can morph into various other animals that you meet on your journey. The transformation not only changes the look of your bird, it also affects flight behavior. The unlocked figures can then also be selected directly as a starting bird.

The perspective taken in VR corresponds to the perspective on the monitor. You always stay at a fixed distance behind the bird. For the most part, this look works in VR, but sometimes it got confusing when I flew close circles.

In general, I liked the look and the open approach of Fugl very much and I was able to quickly lose myself in the world. Whether flying over the mountains or hissing through the treetops: the feeling of flying is good. Nevertheless, the fun disappeared quite fast, because I personally missed a bit of variety. Although flying, landing and exploring is a nice thing, I quickly lacked the motivation to embark on the journey again. Fugl is currently available exclusively for 14.99 euros in the store of Oculus.

Fugl tried for the Oculus Rift

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