Engineers from Germany have developed a chair specifically for virtual reality technology. New reads the gamer's movements, determining the angle of inclination of his body, and allows you to control the digital space.

For the first time, this development was presented at the CHI 2019 conference. The VR chair is designed to replace the usual methods of virtual reality management with the help of controllers and make immersion into virtual reality more vivid.

Specialists from Darmstadt Technical University under the leadership of Markus Funk (Markus Funk) decided to use the user's body movements in order to provide the most realistic control of the race car in the space of virtual reality. The experts used the VR-helmet HTC Vive and the technology of tracking movements Vive Tracker. The researchers decided to fix one of the sensors on the back of an ordinary office chair.

Before starting the application, the controller is calibrated. Depending on the position of the controller (the lower it is, the faster the car), the player was able to control the situation on the virtual racing field with the help of his own body movements.

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From a chair to a VR controller – VR geek

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