In 1903, the Wright brothers did the impossible – they flew. This is not the whole list of their merits, but they did it only with some kind of tree wrapped in fabric and a 12-horsepower gasoline engine. Now we will remember with love their efforts, plunging into the virtual Fly experience shown at the London Saatchi gallery this month.

Inside the strange giant sphere that was created by Charlotte Mikkelborg, you will find a curious home-made VR installation. Ahead is a kind of harness on which you lean during the first half of the ride, and behind it is a chair. The belt, combined with HTC Vive, will allow you to occupy you behind the flight machine, similar to the device of Leonardo da Vinci.

It is here that for the first time you will feel that SUCH Fly. You suddenly find yourself abandoned, like a bird hovering in the sky high above the fields that Da Vinci ponders. This is very similar to Ubisoft’s Eagle Flight, only the installation uses some clever tricks to make Fly more compelling and (literally) uplifting.

One of the highlights is the command of the Wright brothers in a minute flight, which perfectly reflects the sense of ingenuity and enthusiasm that the couple should have felt. Again, when he asks you to land, you really do not want to do this.

This may not be the most graphically pumped experience, but the powerful feeling of flying does not leave you long after you removed the helmet of virtual reality. Put your hands on the sphere that surrounds the VR setup, and it will eventually change color before you hear the sound of its crackling.

It is intended to symbolize the beginning of a long journey that allowed a person to fly. However, based on the angle of VR, it is equally suitable as a starting point for the development of virtual flight. One day we will look back at Fly and laugh at where we were at the beginning of the mission. However, now this is a pretty amazing experience. Humanity is learning to fly again and again.

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Fly – virtual flight of new height

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